So I’ve very nearly done something I’ve wanted to do for the past 20 years or so.


It’s 2am. I’m moderately drunk.

That’s my disclaimer in case this post gets to ramble-y.

I’m the sort of person that likes to start things and not finish them. And that may well be the case with this, since I’ve not actually finished it yet…

But it’s damn well close to being finished, and I’m a little bit proud. It’s a video game, it’s called Arcus, and I’ve made every single fucking bit of it from scratch (except the sound effects; they were taken from free resources online).

I’ve written the code, I’ve done the visuals, and it’s pretty darn fun to play. It’s called Arcus because Arcus is apparently Latin for archery and it’s a game predominantly about firing arrows at things.ArcusSS

Arcus began life way back in May. I spent about 5 straight hours making a very simple prototype where you could run around and fire arrows. It was fun to play even in that early stage, so I thought making a proper game out of it would be a good idea.

The first, and most important thing, was arrow physics. It needed to feel fun and intuitive to fire your bow. Here’s the first attempt, after about six hours of coding:

To be honest, the game hasn’t deviated that much from the original prototype. I’ve made a few tweaks, but the basic underlying concept is still the same – click and hold, then move your cursor away from the player to increase shot strength. It feels good and natural and works well with a WASD movement setup.

Disclaimer: In the time it took me to write all that, I’ve drank a 660ml bottle of Staropramen lager, so this post may become more incoherent from now on. Here’s another screenshot:


I’ll be sending copies of Arcus to a few friends to playtest over the next few weeks and then I hope to have it out by November. I enjoy playing it, I hope you will too.

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